Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter Errors

I’ll be listing common errors you may come across using Microsoft virtual machine converter. This is a powershell tool you can use to convert files such as a virtualbox or vmware vm file. This link gives a very good overview of the tool . FYI if this is an OVA file you need to first extract it, this will then extract the vmdk file, which is what you will convert.

The entry is not a supported disk database entry

If your getting this error it means the file descriptor in the file isn’t being recognized.

  1. To fix this download and extract the dsfok tool Next run dsfo.exe with syntax as such
.\dsfo.exe "pathtovmdkfile" 512 1024 "pathtovmdkfolder\descriptor.txt"
  1. Open descriptor.txt in Notepad. comment out the line the error mentions for example I had the error below. and uncommented this line below.
  1. Save VMDK descriptor back
.\dsfi.exe "pathtovmdkfile" 512 1024 "pathtovmdkdescriptorfile"
  1. Try running converto-mvmcvirtualharddisk again. If it fails repeat steps 1-3, commenting out error line.

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